Sixteen Journal Volume 6: Dedicated to Jazz. Out Now!

A very special issue dedicated to Jazz.

With the work of Rahim Fortune, Saul Leiter, Bruce Davidson, James Brodribb, Jack Davison, Lucie Rox, Gabriel Moses, Katsu Naito, Leonard Freed, Ari Marcopoulos, Bolade Banjo, Roe Ethridge, Mark Mahaney, Chieska Fortune Smith and many more.

And featuring Pink Siifu, 
Fly Anakin
, George Riley
, CKTRL, Joel Ross, 
Goya Gumbani, 
Demae, Savannah Harris, Caleb Giles, Mavi, Giveton Gelin, Theon Cross, Shabaka Hutchings, Theo Croker, Diani, Moses Boyd, Immanuel Wilkins, Ife Ogunjobi, Nubya Garcia, Sheila Maurice-Grey, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Medhane and Duval Timothy.

288 pages / 4 Glossy Dust Covers

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Left: Rahsaan Roland Kirk by Roberto Polillo. Right: Bharat Sikka.
Shabaka Hutchings photographed by Jack Davison.
Photography Lucie Rox.
Left: Photography by Lucie Rox & styling by Victoire Simonney. Right: Joe Cruz.
Saul Leiter
Diani by James Brodribb & Milton Dixon.
Left: Notorious B.I.G by Geoffroy de Boismenu. Right: Max Roach by Roberto Polillo.
Left: Mark Mahaney. Right: Theon Cross by Jack Davison & Nell Kalonji
Bruce Davidson

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