Sixteen Journal Volume 4, new issue available now

Introducing Sixteen Journal Volume 4 with amazing contributions from outstanding artists

Roe Ethridge, Jack Davison, Chadwick Tyler, Laurence Ellis, Arnaud Lajeunie, Anthony Blasko, Alexandra Leese, Joe Cruz, Xavier Encinas, Pat Martin, Drew Vickers, Marcus Schaefer, Caleb Stein, Gareth McConnell, Elizaveta Porodina and Mariette Pathy Allen.

4 Glossy dust covers
288 pages

Left: Arnaud Lajeunie & Victoire Simonney. Right: Mariette Pathy Allen
Drew Vickers
Laurence Ellis
Left: Gareth McConnell. Right: Chadwick Tyler.
Anthony Blasko.
Arnaud Lajeunie & Victoire Simonney.
Left: Alexandra Leese & Audrey Hu. Right. Elizaveta Porodina & Victoire Simonney.
Left: Dorothea Lange. Right: Drew Vickers.
Left: Roe Ethridge & Clare Byrne. Right: Mariette Pathy Allen.
Left: Caleb Stein. Right: Pat Martin.
Left: Anthony Blask. Right: Gareth McConnell.
Left: Caleb Stein. Right: Laurence Ellis.
Left: Alexandra Leese. Right: Anthony Blasko.
Left: Mariette Pathy Allen. Right: Roe Ethridge & Clare Byrne.
Right: Alexandra Leese & Audrey Hu.
Left: Mariette Pathy Allen. Right: Elizaveta Porodina & Victoire Simonney.

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