Slapper by Luci Schroder

Taylah is a rebellious, destitute teen from rural Australian suburbia. After a brief sexual encounter, Taylah must scrape together money for the morning after pill before it’s too late. As she hustles for the cash, she is also stuck babysitting a wild and uncooperative five-year-old, Vegas. Taylah’s wits are tested as she navigates a suburban wasteland, determined to not let poverty strip her of her own bodily autonomy.

About The Author

Luci Schroder is a multi award winning Writer/ Director currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Schroder’s versatile background in Fine Arts, Textile Design and Philosophy, may help explain her multilayered and almost palpable approach to the fabric of film, which has led to exploration in areas such as Fashion Film, Music Video, Video Art, Documentary, and Short Stories.

Schroder’s multi nominated Music Videos have been selected for the ARIA’s, SXSW Film Festival, J Award’s, SOUNDkilda. and more. Sparked by interest of her Music videos, Schroder was invited by world renown Fashion Photographer, Nick Knight of SHOWstudio fame, to create a film for his Fashion Fetish series.

Add to this Schroder’s participation in Video Art exhibitions from Paris to Mexico, and you get a highly original artistic voice. Schroder is also currently developing her first feature, MISFIT, for Made Up Stories.


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