Psalm by Xavier Encinas

An investigation of the female gaze and the legacy of Venus directed by Xavier Encinas and styled by Victoire Simonney.

Director: Xavier Encinas. DOP: Paul-Anthony Mille. Photography assistant: Juliana Vélez. Styling: Victoire Simonney. Styling assistant: Salomé Rouquet. Set-Design: Chloé Guerbois. Hair: Paolo Soffiati. Make-up: Céline Martin. Casting: Nicolas Bianciotto. Models: Irene Guarenas & Palmyre Tramini. Editing: Xavier Encinas. Color grading: Artifices. Studio: Oddity. Equipment & scanning: Kafard Film Music: “PSALM” performed by Frode Haltly (p) (c) 2007 ECM Records. Shot on Kodak 35mm motion film. Processing by HIVENTY. Produced by Supergravity.


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