Briarpatch by Anna Pollack

Since the passing of his mother, Marcus has left college and returned home to take care of his younger sister Ashley. At only 19, Marcus is trapped in the early morning, long night grind of delivering packages while his sister’s only concern seems to be spending the summer with her friends. When Marcus is offered a more lucrative job opportunity they both have a rude awakening about how they have been managing being on their own. The siblings are confronted with how much of a sacrifice they are willing to make to stay grounded, all on the longest day of the year.

About The Author

Anna Pollack is a New York filmmaker and artist currently based in New York. Being raised in Queens and given her diverse background and upbringing, she often explores the relationship between identity and physical environment through her films and visual work. Her past work has been featured and screened in various festivals, platforms, and galleries such as Tanya Bonakdar gallery, Kimberly Klark gallery, and at 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Region(es) Film festival, Le Cinema Club, and BAM.


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