Bamboe by Flo Van Deuren

Bamboo plants only bloom once, but if one does, all nearby plants go along. The same thing happens to a bunch of thirteen year old girls who are spending their summer days on an abandoned piece of land, overgrown by bamboo. When a mysterious man arrives on the girl’s property, they have to let go of their carefree summer one by one.

Critical remark by the writer/director of this film: “If I ought to make Bamboe again today, I wouldn’t portray a person of color in such an exotic way. When I wrote the film back in 2016, I thought it was essential to the story, but now I realize the film could have done perfectly without the stereotype. That being said, I hope there’s other aspects to the film that are still worth it.”

About The Author

Flo Van Deuren (1994) is a Belgian writer/director, graduated at the RITCS School of Arts in September 2018 with her short film Bamboe. For this project she united her passion for dance and story telling. The film premiered internationally at the Cannes Film festival in 2019. Since 2017 Flo has also been working as a foley artist and in 2020, she joined forces with director Kato De Boeck as the creative duo Floko Films. Their first project was Echo, a short film that was part of the Belgian tv-series Lockdown. Their next and current project is Roomies, an LGBTQIA+ mini series for national television.


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