Atlantis by Julien Pujol

Atlantis is a visual poem about mankind, nature and the passage of time in South Western Africa. It takes place in mining communities along the Atlantic coast and traces the path of different generations of people that have populated the region.

“Atlantis. Driving by so many utopias like it. Some already gone. The fate of mankind in stone and sand. Others exist only in memory. The train brings me to the town near the sea. The dune. An abandoned station. A postcard from Giverny. Next day the fog arrives. Stuck in sand, I see Atlantis again from far away. Driving past a man building his house, others have left already, one hundred thousand of them. It’s spring and the flowers are still there. He sets the stones and crosses back to the desert.”

“I was inspired by surrealist South African painter and impressionist painter Walter Meyer. As a child the paintings of these abandoned German colonies in the Namibian desert haunted my imagination. I set out to capture this same feeling of wonder while creating a link with a present that is all too similar.” – Julien Pujol

About The Author

Julien Pujol is a director from Lausanne, Switzerland and based in Paris. He presented Atlantis at The Community in 2018 and have been working as a commercial director for fashion brands. His personal work is centred on man’s relationship with nature and time. He has made short films Kevade and Summer Undva in Estonia and is currently writing a film there.


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