Victoire Simonney studies womanhood and identity in “Secular Girl” story

Styling & Words by Victoire Simonney

My Madonna is somewhat jewish,

Her lineage boasts blue-eyed blondes with beyond reproach white skins that the sun burns so easily

& berber women who spoke a language she never knew.

I could say she is half this and half that but I find it so rude to chop people in two that way.

Holy water, holier breads, different gods, stiff mountains & soft hills: same women.

It’s not an addition as much as it’s a mix, like cake batter.
Can’t point to that half of butter once it’s cooked, can you?

Purity perceived & felt is a concern for secular girls too. Carefully painting themselves at the sweet spot between Madonna & Whore

& what about Eve
mother of all women
If I saw her around, would she be in fishnets or covering her shoulders? How high the heels?

How could I know,
the story never gave her a chance to dress up.

I wonder how Mary felt when the angel slipped the lily into the vase.

Did she enjoy it?

Did she close her eyes?

Photographed, styled and written by Victoire Simonney. Model Anna de Rijk @ Viva Models cast by Plus Three Two @troublemanagement. Makeup by Cécile Paravina @bryantartist Hair by Pawel Solis @artlist. Set design by Clara Marti. Light by Laurent Chouard. Stylist assistants Salomé Rouquet & Manon Renault. Retouching: Artifices. Images Credits: Image 1 & 8: Dress, Uma wang. Top, Dries van noten. Pumps, Louboutin. Image 4: Panties, Agent Provocateur. Image 6, 9, 10, 11 & 12: Cage top, comme des garçons vintage. Bra, Fifi Chachnil. Trousers, Undercover. Image 13: Blouse, Patou. Jeans, Ronald van der Kemp. Image 14 & 18: Coat, Nina Ricci. Trousers with suspenders, Y’s. Bra, vintage. Pumps, Roger Vivier. Image 15: Skirt, Yves Saint Laurent vintage. Trousers with suspenders, Y’s. Bra, vintage. Image 16: Skirt, Courrèges. Top, stylist’s own.

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