James Brodridd shoots New York’s Lower East Side baseball Youth League Team

Styling by Taylor McNeill
Previous image: Tee-shirt, Foo and Foo. This image: On Justin, Tee-shirt tied around neck, Foo and Foo.
Pants, Georgia. Belt, Vintage.
Pants, Comme des Garçons. Cap, vintage Nike. Best, Vintage. Glove, Marucci.
Pants, Georgia. Glove, Wilson. Tee-shirt, Vintage. Belt, Vintage.
Vintage Baseball Shirt at Raggedy Threads. Vintage Nice Cap. Sleeve by Adidas. Pants, Georgia.
Glove, Marucci. Sleeve, Adidas. Trainers, Nike.
Pants, Georgia. Tee-shirt, Foo and Foo. Belt, vintage.
Left to right. On George: Tank top, Vintage. On Bryan: Pants, Georgia. Belt, Vintage. On Juan: Pants, CdG. Belt and Nike Cap, Vintage. On Donta: Pants, Georgia. Vintage grey sweatshirt at Raggedy Threads.
Left to right. On Justin: Tee-shirt, Foo and Foo. On Donta: Pants, Georgia. Belt, Vintage.
Pants, Comme des Garçon. Sneakers, Vans. Socks, Noon Goons.
Vintage catchers vest at Cherry. Padded vest, Helmut Lang. Pants, CdG. Leg guards, Wilson. Trainers, Vans.
Pants, Georgia. Trainers, Converse. Belt, Vintage.
Tee-shirt, Foo and Foo.
Left to right: On Georgia: Nike cap and tank top, Vintage. On Juan: Pants, CdG. Trainers, Nike. Belt, Vintage.
Issey Miyake FW20 Look 61. Pants, Georgia. Belts, Vintage.

Photography: James Brodribb, assisted by Kyle May. Styling: Taylor McNeill. Casting Director: Natalie Lin. Hair: Tsuki. Producer: Marcos Fecchino. Production Coordinator: Kevin Drelon. EQ: Michael Didyoung.

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